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10 signs that you are from Central NJCentral Jersey is one of the largest portions of the Garden State, and a huge chunk of the population lives and works in the area. Famous towns such as Somerville, Morristown, Freehold, and Princeton all are part of Central Jersey. Just like with any other part of the state, people who live in this section have their own unique way of life, quirks, and culture. Here are 10 signs that you’re from Central Jersey.


  • You have had to explain to people that, yes, Central Jersey does exist.

We don’t know why people from North and South Jersey don’t believe that Central New Jersey is actually a major section of the state. Truth be told, no one can really pinpoint where North Jersey ends and Central Jersey begins. No one can pinpoint where South Jersey ends and Central Jersey begins, either. But, when you’re in Central New Jersey, you know.

Central Jersey

Yeah, we have no idea where central jersey starts and ends…

  • There’s also a good chance that you may have to explain to people that you aren’t really close to NYC or Philly.

Many parts of Central Jersey are literally smack-dab in between Philadelphia and New York City, which means that no matter which city you want to visit, it may take as much as 2 hours to do so. To clarify things, we are talking about a one-way trip that takes 2 hours.

  • There’s a strip mall or plaza around every corner.

Everywhere you look in Central Jersey, you’ll likely find a strip mall. Don’t ask us why. It’s just the nature of life here. Actually, even regular malls can be found everywhere. Yep. If you can’t count at least 5 malls near your area, you aren’t from Central Jersey.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that living in New Jersey basically means that you have a mall nearby. 

  • Every single highway in your area will magically lead you to your home.

It’s a well-known fact that in Central Jersey, finding a highway will magically lead you home. Why? Because people from this area know all the highways, where they connect, and where they lead to. As a result, finding one highway means you already will know the route you need to take to get home.

  • You’ve been to Great Adventure, and may have even held a summer job there as a teen.

Great Adventure, also known as Six Flags, is the king of New Jersey theme parks. It’s located in Jackson, which is part of Central Jersey. Everyone who has grown up around this region has gone at least once, even if they hate roller coasters. It’s such a huge part of Central Jersey culture, you probably even know someone (or were someone) who worked there.
Great Adventure

You may even be pretty proud of the chaos of Great Adventure. In fact, you’re probably also pretty proud about the Wild Kingdom that contains all those monkeys that seem to destroy everyone’s cars, too.

Action Park, eat your heart out! (By the way, if you’re looking for mad cool theme parks, check out our amusement park page here.) 

  • You’re really relieved not to be associated with South Jersey and North Jersey.

For some reason, you are really proud not to be from South Jersey. You can, with confidence, say that you don’t have their strange accent, that you will never call sprinkles “jimmies,” and that you will never, ever call a sub a “hoagie.” You’re also really proud not to be from North Jersey, since that lifestyle is just way too unappealing and hectic. Nope, you’re quite happy having your own unique title as a Central Jerseyan.

  • You’re insanely proud about the number of colleges in your area.

Central Jersey is a major hotspot for college kids. It has Monmouth University. It has TCNJ. It has Rutgers. It has more community colleges than you care to list. Knowing that you can get educated without having to leave home is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

  • You’ve mentioned your hometown to other people from New Jersey, but they really have no idea where it is.

We have no idea how people don’t know where Warren is. We have no idea why people can’t figure out where Monmouth Junction is, either.

  • You know at least one person who has hit a deer with their car in your area.

Deer in Central Jersey are a huge problem. If you go even further out West, you alsomay have to deal with bears. How some people believe that wildlife doesn’t exist in the state is beyond you. 


“Hi! I will wreck your car!”

  • You’re pleased to say that your hometown smells better than the refinery areas on the Turnpike.

We’ve all heard the jokes about how Jersey smells bad, but going to Central Jersey totally disproves that. While North Jersey might smell like farts, burnt hair, and rotting garbage at times, Central Jersey smells like nature. As in, we actually can inhale fresh air and not have to worry about gagging.


Central Jersey is a place all its own, and you have to experience it to understand it. Trust us on this one.

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