Lil' Fashionistas

  • Posted on March 21, 2024
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Here is a good New Jersey mom story!


The making of Lil' Fashionistas

Vanessa, a teacher in Monroe New Jersey has always wanted to have a wedding bridal store but a few things (like her full-time job) got in the way. She knows that she will still have her dream store but in the meantime her and her seven-year-old daughter had a passion of looking at fashion online. 

So she decided to start an online fashion store for little girls called little Lil' Fashionistas.

Without having much, if any computer techy (web building) skills she dug in every night after work and tried to learn her new online trade. 

She spent hours watching videos and had quite a bit of frustration trying to figure out how to find drop shippers for the exact products that she needed. But kept working on it until she did.

It just goes to show you what perseverance can do.

Without any experience, she learned how to build her own online store!

Good luck Vanessa on your first step to your dream store!

Let's take a look around Lil' fashionistas!

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