How To Optimize Affiliate Link Tracking

  • Posted on November 3, 2023
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How To Optimize Affiliate Link Tracking To Boost Your Revenue 

Have you noticed that you see more and more advertisements about affiliate marketing on social media platforms? Ads also leap out between conversations in messaging apps, on websites that we visit, and video streaming apps we use to entertain ourselves. Some ads are on how to teach affiliate marketing and some are about the many affiliate programs networks that pay lucrative dividends

If you are a blogger, influencer, or freelancer starting out in affiliate marketing and looking for affiliate programs that pay handsomely on a monthly basis, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll tell you about affiliate programs that have high payouts. Additionally, we will explain the importance of affiliate link tracking for maximizing your revenue. 

Influencer Programs

It’s a great thing if you are already familiar with blogging. If you are a social media blogger with a large follower count and frequently engage with them, try contacting the company whose products or services may be appealing and beneficial for your followers.

To illustrate, if you are a travel blogger, try reaching out to a company that sells either package tours for people or a store that sells travel gear. Then, you may get commissioned to feature their products and services via affiliate links in your blog (which is quite topical for the audience). Usually, influencers get paid for every product or service sold via an affiliate link they post. Also, check out how to start a blog and promote affiliate links that pay per click.

Types of Affiliate Programs That Pay Monthly

There are many affiliate programs that pay out monthly commissions.

Affiliate Networks

Reaching out to various businesses in search of affiliate links to make money can become really time-consuming. Affiliate networks are acting like a marketplace for beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers as they provide a big pool of brands you may choose from. That said, you can cooperate with several networks at once (read: increase your revenue). 

Take a look at the list of the most popular affiliate programs that pay monthly:

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay Partner Network
  • Rakuten Advertising
  • PartnerStack
  • CJ Affiliate
  • ShareASale
  • FlexOffers 
  • digistore24

PayPal Affiliate Program

The PayPal affiliate program is an ever-growing platform for beginners as well as experienced marketers. Being a PayPal affiliate, you can earn commissions for referring customers who sign up for and use PayPal services. Commonly, those commissions can be a percentage of the transaction fees or a flat fee for each referral via an affiliate link you leave on other websites. 

This is a really good affiliate program for beginners for several reasons: 

  • Trusted brand: In the online payment industry, PayPal is a widely known service. Because it is such a well know reliable brand, you can benefit from promoting a truly quality payment platform.
  • Affiliate tracking: The PayPal affiliate program provides access to tracking and reporting tools that allow you to monitor your referral activity and commissions in real-time.
  • Easy integration: As a rule, the PayPal affiliate program provides affiliates with various tools to help integrate promotional materials into your affiliate website. Typically, they include banners, buttons, widgets, etc.

Take your time to explore the many various affiliate programs available and choose the best one for you.

If you are interested in promoting goods and services within your niche, there are many program choices that you can use to receive affiliate marketing commissions. When deciding on which program to use, bear in mind the social media platforms, hubs, or forums where your target audience is spending more time.

For instance, does your potential buyer typically scroll Instagram, read blog posts on topical websites, or use a search engine when looking for new products and services? Another question to consider is whether potential customers are into finding a deal or special coupons with a link.

Answering these questions will help you understand where the best places to put affiliate links to make money are and which programs are better for that.

Affiliate Link Tracking

Now, let’s talk about the process of setting up affiliate link tracking as well as utilizing automated affiliate marketing. The more efficient your affiliate marketing campaigns are, the bigger the commission you will get. That’s just simple math.

The two biggest players on the block for affiliate link tracking when using solo ads email marketing or or for tracking mulitple campaigns across different channels are Clickmagick and Voluum.

Reaching your audience

Vector image of a cell phone with 6 people in little bubbles depicting how to define your affiliate marketing audience


Setting Up Affiliate Link Tracking

To get the most out of your affiliate links, affiliate marketers should monitor the performance of all their work on a daily basis. Affiliate link tracking is necessary to understand which campaigns are effective, which channels drive more traffic, and which affiliate links generate sales.

It is a good idea to monitor which affiliate links are making you the most  make money.

Here are the main aspects of setting up successful affiliate link tracking: 

Affiliate conversion tracking For tracking affiliate links, you need to implement conversion tracking codes on the confirmation page of your website or a “Thank You” page. Usually, this code informs the affiliate tracking program when a user makes a purchase successfully, allowing for accurate commission calculations.
Use of cookies Cookies are commonly used to track user activity. When a user clicks on an affiliate link and accepts “cookies” on a website, a cookie is stored on their device. Then, it allows the affiliate program to identify the source of the referral when this user buys anything.
Unique affiliate IDs Assign a unique affiliate ID or code to each affiliate link. This identifier is necessary for accurately tracking affiliate links as the source of the referral.
Testing and verification  Persistently test the affiliate links if you want to ensure they redirect correctly and their tracking parameters are noted accurately. Nevertheless, some discrepancies may come up with time. Thus, verify the tracking data to identify any of them regularly because it is about thorough affiliate link tracking.

As you may conclude, hard work, scrupulousness, and persistence are necessary when working with (And tracking) results with your affiliate partners. However, we know how to make the process easier with affiliate marketing tracking software. Read on to learn how to track affiliate sales utilizing an affiliate link tracker.

Automated Affiliate Marketing

Automated Affiliate Marketing In 2023, affiliate marketing has a market value of over $17 billion and shows an upward tendency. It means that businesses and marketers are investing more time and money into affiliate programs and many businesses are creating their own reliable in-house affiliate networks.

After you start receiving affiliate marketing commissions, you will surely be motivated to work harder to earn more money either by spending more time double-checking which affiliate links bring positive results or by using affiliate marketing tracking software.

Nowadays, marketers are given a wide choice of affiliate link tracking applications that automate many crucial processes of marketing campaigns. Moreover, such software collects valuable data, analyzes it, and points out weak spots in the latter.

Let’s take a look at different tracking methods to grasp the idea of how affiliate link tracking can maximize your earnings.

Affiliaate customer journey map

  • Customer journey tracking: To understand the journey, the affiliate link tracker determines the source of the initial interaction and attributes it to the correct affiliate. Specific tracking tools help identify which affiliate's link or ad the customer interacted with. For instance, learning common touchpoints (visits to the product pages, adding items to the shopping cart, etc.) of the customer journey shows the best time and place to convert a user into a customer.
  • Product tracking: Per-product tracking is crucial when working with affiliate programs that pay monthly. If you are a marketer looking to maximize your earnings, you will be glad to discover which products are sold better, generating more revenue for the company. Then, you may shift the focus of your efforts toward best-selling products thanks to the affiliate tracking you’ve conducted.
  • Coupon tracking: This is a relatively novel method as it helps track offline purchases along with online ones. For example, an influencer promotes an affiliate product online by sharing their unique coupon codes. Then, followers rush to buy a product promoted either in a physical store or on the brand’s website with a discount valid only when using a coupon. 

Thus, such affiliate link tracking helps businesses and affiliates track the effectiveness of coupon-based promotions and determine which affiliates or marketing channels are responsible for driving sales through these coupons. As a result, affiliates receive bigger commissions when channeling their efforts into the right campaign.

Automated affiliate marketing comes in handy when you use affiliate links to make money. Valuable information that you receive from affiliate marketing tracking software is essential for optimizing your revenue as an affiliate. After all, automation drives progress and sustainability.

Wrapping Up

Starting out as an affiliate is quite a challenging task. However, with the many affiliate networks, you can find many good and reliable options to start earning instantly. To learn more in-depth information, see our post about the truth about affiliate marketing.

Once you learn the ropes, you can keep on advancing in tthe affiliate marketing field by using reliable affiliate marketing tracking software. This will allow you to conduct strong campaigns with good affiliate link tracking and identify the strong sides of your marketing campaigns. The optimization of tracking affiliate links will help you to achieve more revenue generated by your affiliate marketing efforts

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