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Top 8 Bus Trips to Niagara Falls from NJ

The Full Sightseeing Vacation–A Bus Tour from New Jersey to Niagara Falls

No matter where in the world you are from, Niagara Falls is a must-see.

After browsing through different itineraries and researching different modes of transportation, we have discovered the best way to get to Niagara Falls from NJ.

While driving leaves a lot of time to explore at your own leisure, it doesn’t provide you with the informational, guided tour of top attractions the way a bus tour would. Flying is great because it is the quickest (when everything goes right and annoying delays are avoided) way of getting to a destination. However, being so close to Niagara Falls from here in New Jersey, enjoying sightseeing along the way during a short drive seems like a much more fun-filled plan.

Whether you are from New Jersey or visiting New Jersey, being only approximately 450 miles away from Niagara Falls makes it a trip that is definitely worth taking.

If you’re not convinced yet, we will tell you why Niagara Falls is a great trip idea here!

We teamed up with TakeTours and compiled a list of the 8 best bus tours that leave out of New Jersey and travel to Niagara Falls. These tours have itineraries with professional guides who will ensure you not only get the best experience out of Niagara Falls, but also the landmarks and cool spots along the way to the falls. All of these bus tours also leave out of locations in New York.

See our choice of the top bus tour from NJ to Niagara Falls here.

Get your passport ready! We’re going to Canada…

For your convenience, we split our list up between the bus tours that go to both the New York and Canadian sides of the falls, and the bus tours that stay entirely on the American side of the falls and do not cross the border.

Browse through our list of bus tours from New Jersey to Niagara Falls to find the itinerary that fulfills your vacation hopes and dreams:

[box size=”large”]New York Side Only[/box]

1. 3-Day Philadelphia, Washington DC, Corning, and Niagara Falls Tour

Top 8 Bus Trips to Niagara FallsThis bus tour spends two out of three days at the falls and stays overnight in a hotel in Niagara Falls, NY.

Hop on the bus in Edison, NJ early in the morning and head over to Philadelphia, and then to Washington DC later in the day. On this first day, you will see amazing historic landmarks, such as the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the White House, the US Capitol, and much more. The tour also gives guests the opportunity to visit cool spots like Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

On the second day of the tour, the bus begins heading north to Niagara Falls. On the way, the tour stops at the Corning Museum of Glass in Upstate New York.

At night time, take an in-depth tour of Niagara Falls and visit Old Fort Niagara (pictured on the left). The next morning, take a ride on the Maid of the Mist and visit the Niagara Falls IMAX theater.

This tour is perfect for those who want to tour some of the most historic American landmarks on the east coast, as well as see the New York side of Niagara Falls!

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/3-day-philadelphia-washington-dc-corning-niagara-falls-tour-from-new-york-262-5556.html?keywords=55562″]Book this tour[/button]

2. 2-Day Bus Tour from NJ to Niagara Falls and Thousand Islands

Best Bus Trips to Niagara Falls from NJThis bus tour is a shorter trip than the others, however it is much more focused on Niagara Falls, NY.

 The first day of the tour is spent at Thousands Islands in the summer and Secret Caverns in the winter. Guests are able to take a boat tour of the islands and see some amazing sights, such as the mysterious Deer Island or the famous Boldt Castle on Heart Island.

The second day of the tour is spent at Niagara Falls. Guests have the chance to ride the Maid of the Mist in the summer and the Niagara Falls Jet Boat in the winter.  Afterwards, they have the option of seeing the Niagara Falls Adventure Movie or take an indepth-tour of the falls before returning home.

This tour is great for those who want to see highlights of the American/Canadian border in a short amount of time, without being rushed to the next destination.

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/2-day-new-york-to-niagara-falls-and-1000-islands-tour-855-176.html?keywords=1768″]Book this tour[/button]

3. 2-Day Niagara Falls Tour

Top Bus Tours to Niagara Falls NYGet on the bus at either East Brunswick, Jersey City, or Parsippany, and enjoy two days and one night in Niagara Falls, NY.

On the way to Niagara Falls, the bus makes two great stops at both the Corning Museum of Glass and Watkins Glen State Park.

The tour arrives at Niagara Falls, NY in the late afternoon, where guests will see the Native American Dance Show and enjoy the Niagara Falls Illumation light spectacular.

The next morning, ride the Maid of the Mist or the Jet Boat Ride, and then see the Niagara Falls Adventure Movie and take an in-depth tour.

Taking a short tour like this one is great for those who do not want to see more than just Niagara Falls and some of Upstate New York. It spends more time in Niagara Falls, NY than some of the other tours, which is important if you’re looking to explore on your own.

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/2-day-new-york-to-niagara-falls-tour-155-767.html?keywords=7671″]Book this tour[/button]

4. 4-Day East Coast Highlight Bus Tour

8 Best Bus Tours to Niagara Falls NYLeaving from Edison, NJ, this bus tour visits the highlights of the East Coast in just 4 days, including: Philadelphia, Washington, Niagara Falls, Boston, Newport, and New Haven.

On the first day of the tour, visit historic sites in Philadelphia and Washington DC. The next morning, the bus makes it’s way to Niagara Falls, stopping at the Corning Museum of Glass on the way.

When in Niagara Falls for the second day, guests have the opportunity to ride the Maid of the Mist, watch the Niagara Falls IMAX movie, visit Old Fort Niagara, and take an in-depth tour of the falls.

The third day of the tour is spent entirely in Boston, Massachusetts, where guests will see many iconic landmarks. Then, on the fourth day, take a Boston Harbor Cruise, visit the Breakers Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, and tour Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut before returning back home.

The complete American east coast tour, this bus trip is a great way to see Niagara Falls while still including history that runs up and down the coast.

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/4-day-usa-east-coast-highlight-deluxe-tour-from-new-york-162-5494.html?keywords=54941″]Book this tour[/button]

[box size=”large”]Both Canadian and American Sides[/box]

5. 3-Day Tour to Niagara Falls and Toronto

Top 8 Trips to Niagara FallsThis tour begins by picking up passengers in New Jersey and New York and then visiting awesome spots in upstate New York, such as: Secret Caverns in Schenectady, NY, and Watkins Glen State Park.

The bus arrives in Niagara Falls, NY at nighttime, where passengers will see the Native American Dance Show and the Niagara Falls Illumination light show.

In the morning, the bus heads across the border to Niagara Falls, Ontario across the world-famous Rainbow Bridge. See the falls from 775 feet high in the Skylon Tower, and have lunch in the Skylon Revolving Restaurant. Guests also have the opportunity to see the Niagara Falls IMAX movie and take a Hornblower cruise in the falls. In the afternoon, the tour moves along to Toronto for a night filled with fun.

The third day of the tour, the bus returns to Niagara Falls, NY for more sightseeing. Visit Whirlpool State Park, historic Old Fort Niagara, and take an in-depth tour. Afterwards, the bus heads to Thousand Islands, Ontario and the Corning Museum of Glass.

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/3-day-toronto-niagara-falls-1000-islands-canada-tour-655-68.html?keywords=686″]Book this tour[/button]

6. 4-Day Canada, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls Tour

Top Trips from NJ to Niagara FallsThis tour really is the ultimate bus tour of eastern Canada.

The first day begins with the Corning Museum of Glass, and at night, visits Niagara Falls, NY for the Niagara Falls Illumination light show.

In the morning, the tour continues to Niagara Falls, Ontario where guests will see the Niagara Falls IMAX movie, take the Hornblower Niagara Cruise, and visit the top of the Skylon Tower. The second half of the day is spent in Toronto, ON.

The third day includes a trip to Thousand Islands, Ontario for a cruise, as well as exciting attractions in Ottawa and Montreal.

Before returning back to New York the bus will stop at Ausable Chasm in Upstate New York on the final day.

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/4-day-tour-to-canada-montreal-ottawa-toronto-niagara-falls-472-408.html?keywords=4084″]Book this tour[/button]

7. 4-Days to Niagara Falls, Toronto, Montreal from NJ

Find the Top Bus Tour to Niagara FallsAfter picking up guests in both New York and New Jersey, this tour will travel to Watkins Glen State Park and the Corning Museum of Glass in Upstate New York. In the late afternoon, the tour will arrive at Niagara Falls, NY, where guests will see both the Native American Dance Show and the Niagara Falls Illumination light show.

The next day is spent in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Here, guests will see the Niagara Falls IMAX movie, have lunch in Skylon Revolving Restaurant in the top of the Skylon Tower, take a Hornblower Niagara Cruise. The afternoon is spent in Toronto.

The third day of the tour journeys through Thousand Islands, Ontario, Ottawa, and Montreal.

On the last day, the bus will stop at Ausable Chasm in upstate New York before returning passengers to their pickup location.

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/4-day-new-york-to-niagara-falls-toronto-montreal-tour-055-482.html?keywords=4820″]Book this tour[/button]

8. 7-Day East Coast USA & Canada Tour

Niagara Falls Bus TripsThis is without a doubt the greatest bus tour of the east coast!

The tour spends 2 days visiting both Niagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, ON. It includes all of the Niagara Falls attractions that the other tours include, plus SO much more!

You are sure to come back from this tour a well-traveled East Coast expert, as this tour visits: Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Corning NY, Niagara Falls NY, Niagara Falls ON, Toronto ON, Thousand Islands ON, Ottawa ON, Montreal QC, Quebec City QC, Boston MA, and New York NY.

That’s 12 iconic cities in only 7 days!

We chose this tour as our top pick for the best bus tour from New Jersey to Niagara Falls.

[button link=”http://www.taketours.com/cgi-bin/ivyu.cgi?gid=2023193&d=new-york-ny/7-day-usa-east-coast-canada-deluxe-tour-from-new-york-662-5506.html?keywords=55066″]Book this tour[/button]

Thanks for checking out our list of the Top 8 Bus Tours to Niagara Falls from NJ!

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