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300+ Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing: This is a Good Starting Point For Beginners 

Find over 300 of the most profitable affiliate niches available to marketWe know why you’re here.

And that is to find a good niche within a market.

So we’ve kept it simple.

Below are some of the best top-level markets with recommended niches below. Good luck and happy affiliate marketing!

Make sure you check out our guide to making money from home. And our guide on how to affiliate marketing from A-to-Z.

Let’s start with some of our favorite niches and ones that we think you could get into easier while making VERY good money promoting them!


We’ve provided some examples of drilled down targeted niches below (in red).

1. Education | Online Courses

Education is an up-and-coming niche to market for affiliate marketers online

Education not and online courses are getting humongous. Remember to drill down to obscure niches is if you can.

Obscure niches are virtually untapped.

Below are the top-level markets (verticals) with the most popular niche recommendations.

Computers and Technology: How to build a website – programming for beginners

Business: How to start a business – affiliate marketing – how to generate leads – how to create a sales page that sells – How to write good sales copy – Investing

Digital Marketing: How to make money freelancing – SEO – Social media management

How to start a successful blog: –  Drill down to a more targeted niche “how to start a successful lifestyle blog” – book publishing

2. Fitness

Fitness is a good top level market that has many great niches underneath the for affiliate marketers

This is one of the motherships. It always has been and always will be. It is of course very competitive but if you are creative you can find a niche that can make you a lot of money.

An example of a competitive broad market would be “weight loss for women”. That is too broad and would be very hard to market to make money.

So what you want to do is drill it down and get very targeted:  A good example would be: “losing weight after 50 and menopause”.

Remember that with the fitness niche people want to solve a problem, or they fantasize about something that will make them feel great.

It is your job to fulfill those holes.

Weight Loss: Weight loss pills, weight loss foods, herbs for weight loss, Weight loss drinks, drill it down: bulletproof coffee weight loss.

Yoga: Yoga poses, yoga music, best yoga mats, drill it down: best yoga mat for bad knees.

Building muscle: Building muscle workout, building muscle diet, building muscle supplement, how to gain leg muscle, drill it down: how many calories should I eat to gain muscle

3. Making Money Online

Image of a computer screen icon with a moneybag in front of it suggesting that you can make a lot of money with the make money online niche.

High demand means high payouts for you!

Making money online is one of the top verticals where affiliate marketers can find hundreds of marketable niches.

This is especially true due to what has transpired with Covid-19 where many people have either lost work or have been cut back tremendously in their current jobs.

Below are some of the top making money online niches:

Blogging: You can teach students how to create a blog from scratch step by step.

Affiliate marketing: Sell niche affiliate marketing courses. Ideas include; How to create your own digital products or services

Starting an e-commerce store – Help people to create e-commerce stores

Freelancing: Show your audience how to make money freelancing. Show them how to offer serves ranging from content creation to social media management.

4. Dating and Relationships

Cartoon image of a couple sitting together on a couch

In the new era of digital marketing, there is a huge 2 billion dollar per year demand in the online dating market.

This niche will always be evolving and there will always be new different social types of dating sites, but one thing is certain, people will always want to meet people.

People will always look for strong relationships and love.

People always try to figure out why relationships go bad and what they need to do to improve themselves.

There are endless sub-niches within this category.

Many are virtually untapped.

Here are some ideas: Senior Dating – Speed dating – Best dating sites – best dating apps – free dating sites – adult dating – what is the best gay dating app – Christian dating – what is the best Christian dating site – long-distance relationships – get ex back – what does the Bible say about relationships – why relationships so hard – why women stay in abusive relationships

5. Pets

Image of a small brown dog eating out of a yellow dog bowl with a girl holding a white cat next to him. Behind the girl and the cat is a bookcase with a fishbowl integration side of it into the right of the fishbowl is a parakeet and a white bird flying in the house

If you’re an animal lover, then you will know what lengths you will go to to make your pets happy.

Like most of the other really popular online verticals, the pet business can be extremely competitive.

But there is a lot of room for promoting the sub-niches within this category.

If you are passionate about your pet, you can make a lot of money writing strong content, and promoting affiliate offers in this amazing vertical.

Top Niches within the pet vertical:

Pet food: Best food for small dogs – Best dry dog foods – Best rated dog food

Bedding: Best pet beds -Luxury pet beds

Other top pet-related niches include:

Birdcages – pet health – best exotic pets – best fish oil for dogs

Some blog topic ideas within this niche include: (and please understand there are literally thousands! These are just some quick ideas)

Dogs: Coolest spiked dog collars – How to train a dog to sit – All natural dog bones – outdoor dog houses – why do dogs eat grass – natural dog food

Cats: Can cats eat fresh fish? – Halloween customers for cats – Best kitty litter

Birds: What is the best food for hummingbirds?

6. Technology 

An image of a computer screen, gaming device into video controllers depicting that the technology market has great affiliate marketing niches to promote

This vertical is an absolute monster category for affiliate marketers.

The technology top-level market has hundreds of great sub-niches.

Make no mistake, some of these niches below are very competitive, but they have made millionaires for many online marketers.

There are literally thousands of categories, we are just going over a few of the top-level ones here.

Web hosting




Computer science

Virtual reality


Sass (Software that you rent on a monthly basis)

7. Photography

Image of a DSLR camera, a lens, and a tripod

Commissions are a little bit on the lower side in this niche, but there are a lot of high ticket items to promote.

If you find a good uncompetitive niche you can create a blog and build strong content around it.

One example of a virtually untapped niche is food photography

Food-photography-related niches: best lens for food photography – food photography lighting – best Nikon lens for food photography – food photography lighting setup

Camera Reviews

Wedding Photography

Nude photography: erotic photography – nude male photography – amateur nude photography – classical nude photography

8. Gardening

This Cartoon image of a man planting a tree in the grass references gardening as a top affiliate marketing niche for affiliate marketers

There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to the popular niche of gardening. Below are just some quick ideas to get you started.

Garden tools: best gardening tools – tools used for gardening – essential gardening tools – types of gardening tools

Gardening supplies: indoor gardening supplies – organic gardening supplies – water gardening supplies – pond supplies

Hydroponic gardening: what is hydroponic ordering – hydroponic gardening system – hydroponic gardening with fish

Gardening gloves: kids gardening gloves – best gardening gloves – women’s gardening gloves – leather gardening gloves

Other top gardening niches include: square foot gardening – gardening tips – gardening for beginners – vegetable gardening – bucket (container) gardening – garden benches – gardening magazines – organic gardening – winter gardening – gardening kneepads – benefits of gardening – types of flowers – how to press flowers – flowers that bloom all summer

As you can see we can go on and on here. If you love gardening pick us up niche and start writing great content in your blog about it, find affiliates. and send traffic to them.

You could do a lot with review based articles like best gardening kneepads – best cheap garden benches – flowers that bloom the longest – best perennials for shade

9. SEO

SEO is one of the best affiliate marketing niches because everyone needs it to build their websites and brand and the SEO niche boasts some very high-paying offers

As long as the human race builds websites, they will need search engine optimization.

This niche is not going anywhere for a long time.

There are literally hundreds of great sub-niches within the SEO niche

Here are some of the more popular ones: what is SEO – on-page optimization – off-page optimization – best SEO practices – SEO writing – SEO tips – SEO companies – SEO software – affordable SEO services – what is SEO and how it works – SEO tools

Here are some others related to rankings and optimization: website optimization: – website speed optimization – website optimization tools  – how to get higher rankings on Google – What are meta-tags – how to write meta-tags – how to meta-tags in WordPress – what are heading tags

Tip: Become a true expert in any one of these categories and build great content to help digital marketers and you will be swimming in affiliate commissions.

10. Personal Finance | Financial

The personal-finance market has some really competitive niches including debt settlement, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages and bitcoin to name a few

There is a lot of competition in this space but for good reason.

The financial market has made millionaires out of many affiliate marketers.

Review based content does really well in this market.

Everybody needs help with getting out of debt they need help with learning how to save money. Most people use their credit cards as their primary payment method, and the amount of personal loans that consumers have been applying for has been increasing every year for the last decade.

Personal finance: Best personal finance software – personal finance books – personal finance app – best personal finance blogs – personal finance podcasts – personal-finance calculator

Here are some other thought popular financial related niches:

Debt Settlement


Credit Cards


Personal loans

11. Health

The health market has many offers for affiliate markers to promote

The health market is one of the biggest affiliate markets of all.

It’s no secret that consumers want to be as healthy as they can.

Here are some popular top-level niches in the health market:


Vitamins | Supplements


Vegan: Vegan cooking –


Weight loss

Healthy eating

12. Essential Oils

Essential oils offer many opportunities for affiliate marketers to promote a wide range of interesting holistic and healing products

We actually really like this niche

There is a lot of room in this market to drill down into some great untapped sub-niches.

Examples of some essential oils untapped sub-niches are: essential oils for cough – essential oils for sore throat – essential oils for cold sores – essential oils for hemorrhoids – essential oils for fleas – essential oils for burns – essential oils for bug bites – essential oils for shingles – essential oils for poison ivy – essential oils for sinus – essential oils for cleaning – aphrodisiac essential oils – essential oils for fever

Here are some more very popular essential oil niches:

What are essential oils

How to use essential oils

What essential oils are bad for dogs

Where to buy essential oils

Young living essential oils

Essential oils diffuser

Essential oils for hair growth

Organic essential oils

Essential oils for eczema

13. As Seen on TV

As seen on TV products can be a very lucrative affiliate marketing niche

The as seen on TV niche is another one of our favorites

TV advertising has done half of the work for you to get the word out about the products.

All you have to do is promote them.

There is very little competition in this niche.

The angle here is to find some really cool As seen on TV products that have affiliate programs and then build content and reviews about them.

Here are some great keywords within this niche: (many of which are not competitive at all):

As seen on TV products

As seen on TV reviews

As seen on TV items

Here are product searches that are uncompetitive: as seen on tv antenna – air fryer as seen on tv – as seen on tv antenna – as seen on tv sunglasses – As seen on TV bra – As seen on TV wallet – as seen on TV toys – as seen on TV paint sprayer – as seen on TV spice racks – air fryer is as seen on TV – as seen on TV heater – as seen on TV flex seal – as seen on TV chopper

14. Organic Products | Natural Products

Organic and natural product affiliate marketing niches

Organic and natural niches are becoming very popular

Affiliate marketers can make a lucrative income by promoting these niches.

Organic care products – natural products

Organic skin products – natural skincare products

Organic cleaning products – natural cleaning products

Organic beauty products – natural beauty products

Organic nails products – natural nail products

Best organic care products – natural organic products

Best natural products for curly hair – natural hair products

organic remedies – Natural remedies

organic seeds

organic food

15. Baby Products

This is a great match because affiliate marketers can find many different types of baby products to promote

You know that moms and dads want the best for their little babies

And trust us, they are out there searching for (and buying) gazillions of baby products.

If you like this vertical, you can make some really good money if you work hard and follow the steps of how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Best baby products

organic baby products

free baby products

Baby feet products

Best baby products for newborns

Shark Tank baby products

Best baby skincare products

Baby-safe cleaning products

16. Lifestyle

Parents love to pamper their babies with the best products. This is a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to cash in the baby products niche.

This Monmouth category includes many different verticals, niches, and sub-niches, so we will keep it brief and kind of touch on the surface here.

Fashion: Shoes – sunglasses – hats – lingerie – contemporary fashion – sustainable style – ethical style – runway fashion reviews – women’s denim – fashion history – vintage fashion

Jewelry: Of course you can initially break it down to the types of jewelry niches.  I.e. necklaces – earrings – rings – head ornaments – cufflinks

Then you go into the many different types of jewelry:

Body jewelry – cremation jewelry -turquoise jewelry – wholesale jewelry – men’s jewelry – jewelry boxes – Indian jewelry – antique jewelry – fashion jewelry – handmade jewelry – how to clean jewelry – homemade jewelry cleaner -travel jewelry case – silver jewelry – Gold jewelry – jewelry organizers – how to make jewelry – minimalist jewelry – Hawaiian jewelry – pearl jewelry –

You can then niche down even further and drill it down to really targeted types of jewelry:

Many of these drilled down niches are not competitive at all!

Saltwater pearl necklaces – faux pearl necklaces – Buddhist prayer beads – how to make Buddhist prayer beads – toe rings for women – stainless steel toe rings – dainty necklaces – customized friendship necklaces – funny friendship necklaces – Japanese hair ornaments – elephant belly button rings

Luxury: Handbags – luxury fashion – Luxury SUVs – luxury watches

Makeup: Makeup organizer – makeup vanity – clown makeup – makeup brushes – lighted makeup mirror – Korean makeup – Clinique makeup – best cream blush – best blush for mature skin – clinique eye makeup remover

17. Beauty

There are many different beauty products to promote in the beauty category. Beauty products, beauty supplies, and beauty cosmetics are sought out by both women and men.

The beauty market has many sub-niches for affiliate marketers to promote

Although a competitive market this is still a good place for beginning affiliate marketers try their hand with an Amazon affiliation.

Because Amazon has literally thousands of beauty products at your fingertips that are available to promote.

Beauty products

Ulta beauty

Beauty supplies

Korean beauty brands

Best beauty brands

Natural beauty brands

Beauty cosmetics

18. Gadgets

This is another great category and one that we love. I mean what’s cooler than the latest gadget or gizmo? If you searching really drill down you can find some very uncompetitive and quite cool items to promote.

Kitchen gadgets

Cool gadgets

Gadgets for men

Tech gadgets

Spy gadgets

Gizmos and gadgets

Travel gadgets

Here are some really good keywords that are drilled down into targeted niches with virtually no competition

Gadgets to keep cars cool in the summer – cheap spy gadgets – cool kitchen gadgets for mom – business travel gadgets – camping gadgets gifts – minecraft building gadgets – office gadgets – futuristic gadgets – motorcycle gadgets – bathroom gadgets – gadgets for girls

19. Sports

The sports market has thousands of sub niches waiting to be marketed and promoted.

If you’re into sports these niches can be very rewarding

Sports in itself is of course a very broad market. You could pick a top-level sport first and then drill it down from there.

Baseball – soccer -football – lacrosse -basketball – polo – boxing – golf -rugby – volleyball – wrestling – tennis

Here are just a few niches in this amazingly big vertical

Sports clothing

Training equipment


Sports event tickets

best tennis rackets

How to improve my golf swing sport


Baseball glove review

kids soccer goal

20. Herbal

The herbal market offers many exciting opportunities of products to promote

Herbal products and remedies have become very big in recent years

Herbal cigarettes

medicinal herbs

herbal medications

herbal supplements

herbal teas

Social herbal remedies

Healing plants

Nutrition store

Medicine cat herbs

Herbal sleep aid


21. Hobbies

Hobbies are a great affiliate marketing niche

There are literally thousands and thousands of choices in the market of hobbies

Here are some popular Hobby niches: Chess, puzzles, drawing, sketching, cooking, baking, kite flying, brewing beer, metal detecting, fleamarket flipping, square dancing, do-it-yourself projects, make your own wine, cosplay, sand art, flying drones, puppetry, crocheting, building models, model trains, building rockets, grilling, cheesemaking, scrapbooking, playing board games, listening to music, gardening, archery, reading, astronomy, leather crafting, bird watching, and cooking. (Just to name a few) LOL 🙂



List of hobbies

Hobbies for women

Hobby ideas

Hobbies for Couples

Interesting hobbies

Unique hobbies

Event tickets


Sports betting

22. Home

Home security

Home Decor

Home accessories

Home furnishings

Coffee machines




23. Personal Development

People are always looking for ways to improve whether they admit it or not. We like this niche a lot because there are a lot of great sub-niches within this niche.


Time management



Personal development books

Better yourself

Improving yourself

Skill development

24. Travel






Travel tips

Best places to visit

Travel destination



Scuba gear

Travel insurance

25. Music

Musical instruments

How to play piano

Best guitar strings


Sheet music

Relaxation music for patents

Christian music

Ukulele reviews

Music downloads

26. Gambling | Sports Betting

Online casinos

Gambling systems

How to play poker

Online gambling

Best sportsbooks

How to play roulette

when to bet in blackjack

27. Real Estate

The trick here is obviously not to compete with the big boys like Zillow.

You need to be creative and find some good sub-niches.

Here are a few examples:

how to buy a house with bad credit

How much does it cost to build a home

Million-dollar homes

senior mobile home parks

how much does a home inspection cost

how to be a home inspector

How to buy a house without a realtor

first time home buyer loans with zero down

28. Coffee

Best coffee machines

round coffee table

keurig coffee maker

hamilton beach coffee maker

how much caffeine in coffee

best coffee

best coffee grinder

custom coffee mugs

how to cold brew coffee

29. Restaurants

Restaurant supplies

restaurant supplies wholesaler

kitchen equipment

kitchen knives

best sauté pans


How to create a restaurant menu

I much does it cost to open a restaurant

Italian restaurant to core

Restaurant wall the core

Restaurant design ideas

Restaurant decoration ideas

Catering Supplies

Famous restaurant recipes

30. Insurance




Pet: (We really like this niche!)



Best term life insurance

What is COBRA insurance

what is a deductible health insurance

how to buy travel insurance

31. Poetry

What is poetry

How to write poetry

How to read poetry

How to publish poetry

What is atoning poetry

Love poems

Love poems for her

Romantic quotes

Poems about love

Poems about loving someone who doesn’t love you back

32. Pharmacy

This is a 130 billion dollar per year niche!

Drug Discounts

Mail Order Prescriptions

Online pharmacies

how much does a pharmacy tech make

biggest pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical supplies

buy oxycodone pills online

where can i buy fertility pills

buy birth control pills

33. Automotive

Automotive supplies

Automotive paint

Car touchup paint

Best car wax

Automotive glass repair

Automotive leather repair kits

Custom car air freshener’s

Cheap tires

34. Outdoor Survival

Camping: What to take camping – Best sleeping bags – Camping supplies – campfire recipes – camping essentials – camping meals – camping trailers – camping hacks – camping packing list – camping food ideas – camping accessories – what do I need to go camping – how to insulate attend for winter camping – how to pack a backpack for camping

Outdoor survival gear

Outdoor survival books

Outdoor survival gadgets

Where to buy survival gear

What are the best flashlights

35. Jobs


How to take an interview

How to prepare for an interview

What to wear in a job interview

How to write a resume

Best professions

Top jobs

What career is right for me

Career test

How much does a teacher make a year

36. Books

As you can guess books is an extremely large market.

A good rule of thumb here would be to find a niche that you are personally very interested in and market that.

Different types of niches: self-help books, cookbooks, children’s books, Travel books, table books, Comic books, fantasy, historical fiction, horror, Detective, love, mysteries, fairytales, fables


etextbook rentals

How to sell books on Amazon

How to share Audible books

Where to buy college books

How to write a novel

How to get my book published

37. Fishing

Best fishing rods

How to store fishing rods

How to tie a fishing knot

Types of fishing hooks

How are fishing hooks made

Flyfishing books

Fishing tips

Best fishing books

Best small fishing boats

Best places to fish

Types of fishing reels

What kind of grease for fishing reels

How to clean fish

38. Hunting

Hunting tips

What hunting season is it

Best deer hunting rifle

Turkey hunting gear

What shotgun choke is best for hunting turkey

How to hunt deer

How to hunt squirrels

How to hunt bear

what is the best hunting clothing brand

39. Solar

Solar power system

Best solar panels

Solar installation

Solar panel installation

Solar panels for home

Solar panels for RV

By solar panels

How do solar panels work

How long do solar panels last

How do solar energy work

What is solar wind

How to clean solar panels

How much do solar panels cost

Installing solar panels

40. Entertainment

Movies: movie reviews – best horror movies



TV Shows




41. Reviews

product reviews: tech products – gadgets – book reviews – fashion reviews – appliance reviews –

service reviews: Company reviews – software as a solution reviews – hosting reviews

movie reviews

comparison reviews

42. Christian

Christian music

Christian books

Christian bookstore

Christian book distributors

Christian counseling

How many Christians in the world

What is a Christian

What is the difference between Christian and Catholic

How to be a good Christian

how to play Christian songs on the piano

how to get into the Christian music industry

Christian movie streaming services

Christian home decor

Christian gifts

Christian Bibles

Christian dating

Baby christening outfits

Baptismal robes

Other Cool Niche Ideas to Explore


Digital Painting


How to i.e. Build a wood-burning stove


Monthly clubs | Subscription Boxes (wine, beer, gifts, cheese,)

Hang gliding


Food: Recipes, restaurant reviews, baking, fine dining, wine, food trucks, cooking, cultural food, health food, fast food, food photography


Heavy Equipment Rental

Roman weapons

Welding supplies



Science: Astrology, geography, chemistry, energy

Quitting alcohol


Car Shipping

Parenting | Parenting advice



business form templates

Tiny Houses

Outdoor Backyard offices



Learn to Speak another language




Crystal Healing




Hair Styling


No Image

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