Fun Things To Do In Belmar

The Jersey shore has become one of the most popular regions of New Jersey for tourists to enjoy during the summer. More popular than the vineyards of Central Jersey, and more popular than the Prudential Center of Newark, Jersey shore towns have become the epitome of what it means to enjoy summer in the Garden State.
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As many Jersey locals may already know, Belmar is one of the most popular resort towns in the state. During the winter, the sleepy little town has a population of only 6,000. Yet, during the summer, the tiny 1.6 square mile town’s population swells tenfold to approximately 60,000 people. Recently, the town attracted so many tourists that the mayor had to close down entrances to the town, citing that the entire summer hotspot was at “full capacity.”

So, why is Belmar popular? here are several reasons why Belmar’s popularity has become somewhat legendary at the shore. Here are some of our favorite Belmar attractions, and why you’ll love them too!

  1. The New Jersey Seafood Festival This annual festival takes place in Belmar, and recently drew over 200,000 people to sample the best seafood in the area. As one of the biggest seafood festivals in the entire state, it comes as little to no surprise that this 3-day celebration ends up giving the town a lot of notoriety among seafood fans and foodies alike.
  2. The Belmar Beach and Boardwalk Can it get any more Jersey than hitting up a boardwalk or taking a swim in the deep, blue sea? We think not! Belmar’s original reasons for notoriety were the pristine beach and boardwalk that the town boasts, and this combo is still one of the main reasons families love it here.
  3. Parasailing Hitting the beach will never be the same after you’ve soared above the waves in style. Belmar is one of the few New Jersey beach towns that offers parasailing, and those who have tried it say it’s an adrenaline rush unlike any other.Fun Things To Do In Belmar
  4. The Beach Haus Brewery If you love beer, love the idea of finding out how it’s made, and love Jersey shore culture, this is a brewery tour you will not want to miss! The craft brews here are amazing – as are the friendly staff, the gorgeous atmosphere, and interesting events that regularly occur here. Visit the Beach Haus Brewery online here.
  5. Regular Weekly Concerts In the summertime, Belmar’s concert series is second to none. Every Friday night, a free concert featuring local talent is offered at Pyanoe Plaza. If you love music, and you love free stuff, you’ll love Belmar.
  6. Belmar Bars! Belmar is famous for it’s hip bar life, and it’s why so many college kids choose to come here during the summer. This town is infamous for being the home of Connolly Station and D’Jais – two of the biggest college bars in New Jersey. For other area bears, see our list of the top 100 shore bars.

There are just so many fun things to do in Belmar. If you haven’t been to Belmar yet, we have to believe you’re missing out. There’s a reason this town is popular to the point that it’s been filled at capacity. Give Belmar a try, and you’ll find out why!

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