10 Signs That You Are From North Jersey

New Jersey pride is alive and well in the state, and it’s harder to find an area that’s prouder to be part of the Garden State than North Jersey. If you’re from North Jersey, you know it to be true. Not sure if you fit the mold of a person from North Jersey? Check out these telltale signs.

10 reasons that you're from Northern NJ1. People ask you if you’re from New York if they hear you speak. You also most likely will insist that you don’t have an accent. Then, upon being told that, yes, you do have an accent, you will likely say that’s odd because you don’t hear it. Either way, you always have to tell them that you’re not from New York. Half of the time, they don’t believe you when you say it. In fact, they may even ask you when you moved here. Sadly, if you’re like a lot of us up North, you’ll sigh and tell them a couple of years ago.

2. You get personally offended if you hear someone say that Olive Garden has good Italian food. There are so many amazing slices of pizza to try out in this part of the state. There are so many authentic Italian restaurants that make their own sauce in house here. How anyone could consider the Olive Garden top notch cuisine is beyond you, and hearing that the restaurant is better than your family friend’s place is a grave insult. Reasons that you're from North Jersey

3. You know (and maybe visited) at least two locations that were featured in The Godfather or The Sopranos. Yes, we’ve all been to that pizza restaurant. It was indeed awesome.

4. You know where Action Park is, have heard the horror stories of the old Action Park, and are scared to try the new one. Who wants to get grievous injuries while hitting up a ride? You still have no idea how this amusement park lasted as long as it did the first time around. If you’re looking for an Action Park alternative, make sure to check out our amusement parks page.

5. At the very least, you know at least one person who has witnessed something crazy happen in Newark. “Crazy” can be defined as anything from a crime, to a hilarious argument, to people who dress strangely, to other extreme happenings that just magically seem to happen in the biggest city in Jersey. For some reason, everyone has heard or witnessed at least one news-worthy event unfold in Newark.

6. You have a diner that you absolutely swear is the best in the world. It could be the Tick Tock. It could be the Arlington. It could be Brownstone. Whatever diner it is, you will defend it and continue to call it the best diner in New Jersey – especially if it’s 2 AM.

7. When you’re bored, you hit the mall. In North Jersey, there’s a major mall around every corner. As such, they’re popular places to go for just about every occasion. When it’s cold, you go into the mall to hang out. When it’s too warm, you go to the mall to get into the nice chill of high quality air conditioning. When you have cash to spend, you’ll spend it at the mall. When you’re bored, guess where you’re gonna go? Yep. The mall.

8. NYC is not “New York City” – it’s just “the City.” And regardless of how close you may live to it, or how it’s only a simple subway ride away, it’s always a hassle to get into it. But, you still go to the City regardless of the hassle. Along with readily dealing with the annoyance of getting into the City, you also have managed to master the public transit system between the two states with ease.

9. “Going to the beach” is properly called “going down the shore.” Going down the shore also will require booking a hotel room or a house, working on a base tan in a salon, and also making sure that your visit time syncs up with all your friends’ visits, too. You might also need to check to make sure that you have enough drinks in the cooler, a good pair of flip flops, and of course, a fashionable swimsuit. Exit 98 off the Parkway, here you come!

10. You don’t consider South Jersey to be part of New Jersey. South Jerseyans, to you, are more or less just citizens of Delaware or Pennsylvania. They may sound somewhat strange when they talk. They’re obsessed with cheesesteak. They might even have a farm. What Jersey blasphemy is this?! Everyone who is “legitimately” living in New Jersey calls submarine sandwiches “subs” – not “hoagies” like those oddballs do!

Also, Central Jersey does not exist to you.A lot of people believe that all of New Jersey is just like North Jersey, but that’s just not true. North Jersey, however, is as Jersey as it gets. Case closed!

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