John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review | A Deep Look Inside of This Product

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This 6-week Course Covers Everything On Creating An Online Affiliate Marketing Based Business

Image of John Crestani himself promoting his Super Affiliate System.

But is it really worth it?

Let’s dig right in:

The Super Affiliate System is of course on affiliate marketing created by John Crestani.

John is very well known in the industry and he is a legit digital marketer.

Like all of us, John started small and built up an empire and is now considered a super affiliate.

One of the reasons for his success is because he has mastered many different traffic methods.

Creating a website, and getting a good offer or product to promote is essentially the easy part.

Getting quality targeted traffic is what is going to put you on the road to a lucrative affiliate marketing business.

It’s really that simple

Write some good quality content and drive traffic to it.

And you will succeed.

In this review, we’re going to go over the pros and cons of this entire course.

FREE TRAINING: “How to Earn a Six-Figure Income Online”

An image of the John Crestani Super Affiliate System with a call to action and says view training courseThis is the tagline for the Super Affiliate System Affiliate Marketing Course.

Let’s first start with the “How to Earn a Six-Figure Income Online” part.

The actual training really does get into this.

Yes, affiliate marketing is very lucrative. It is one of the best ways to create passive income online.

But it takes work and it takes time

So we want to get that offer our chest right away.

This is absolutely not one of those get rich quick schemes.

It is a real formula that goes through the process step-by-step on how to create an affiliate marketing business.

There are over 50 hours of training included

If you are willing to dig into the video modules and follow the formula, the system will work for you.

Is The Super Affiliate System a scam?

No, it is absolutely not a scam.

There is a lot of material buried into this course.

And there are is a lot of secret sauce that John and his team give to get you on the fast track to success.

There are other affiliate marketing courses out there, and we will give our thoughts on those as well later on.

But for now, let’s focus on the Super Affiliate System.

Is this course perfect?

Absolutely not.

Some of the training could be more direct and improved on.

The good news is that John and his staff are constantly improving the modules.

The other good news is that you’ll have this training forever.

You will never be charged again for additional material being added to the system.

We Went Through the Entire Course Ourselves

We feel it is important to be 100% transparent when giving a review.

There are times (in other cases) when we haven’t actually tried the product firsthand but had to rely on word-of-mouth from our constituents that actually have tried it.

But we own this product and we have used first-hand to make money.

So right off the bat, we are going to tell you that this product (training) is valuable and it does work.

Again is it perfect? No.

We’ll get into all the reasons why a little later.

John’s First Course

We have purchased both of John’s courses.

The first one that he came out with was called the Internet Jetset. Students can access the course if they paid a monthly fee of $47. As long as you are making your monthly payments you would have access to the course.

The 1st course was a little bit shaky because it was obvious that they were building it sort of on the fly as they were going.

Some of the videos in that 1st course were long-winded and not straight to the point.

The way they covered the details of the steps was not congruent either, so was not the greatest of courses.

It had a lot of information, but a lot of the information you could have found online if you dug around.

The New Super Affiliate 3.0 Course

After the Internet Jetset was launched.

John rebranded the product with a new name of Super Affiliate System.

All of the information was updated and all new videos were recorded.

He tightened up the whole package and just made it much more congruent with a much stronger flow of content.

He overall made a much smoother product.

Let’s face it, the reason that we buy full-blown courses and training modules is so that we get everything under one roof.

That is the value of spending money on the training.

And when the training is presented in a straightforward easy to follow manner, that makes the product 10 times better.

And John and his team really did make this product 10 times better than his previous one.

You also get John, his team, and his community’s mentorship.

Just recently John launched the Super Affiliate System 3.0

And that is what we are recommending here.

And if you sign up today that’s the one you will be getting.

When you sign up you can at least watch the free training video before you commit to anything.

If you have already bought the previous Super Affiliate System course, you will get the new Super Affiliate System 3.0 automatically.

Again, one of the great things about the program is that when you dive into this training, you get lifetime updates and upgrades forever.

You will never have to pay again. Any type of new material improvements will always be included.

So let’s get right into it:

Below are the modules and what you will get in each module and how long the video module is that in terms of length.

Super Affiliate System – All 6 Modules

Welcome Module

  • Congratulations and Welcome to the Welcome Module 1m 20s
  • How This Course Works 4m 46s
  • What’s in the course 14m 23s
  • Why affiliate marketing? 10m 8s
  • The SAS Dashboard 18m 3s
  • The Community 8m 38s
  • Badges & Why They Matter 5m 41s
  • How to Get The Best Chances At Success 12m 15s
  • Setting a goal 11m 46s
  • Support Resources 9m 7s

Notes on this Module:

This welcome module actually has a lot of value. John spent a lot of time talking about what you can expect, how the course works, why get involved with affiliate marketing and what you need to know to have the best chances at success.

One thing that John knows a lot about is the mindset that you need to have to go into this. He talks about barriers and what you need to overcome obstacles to really obtain success.

One of the main reasons that affiliates fail is because they do not have realistic expectations about what they are going to get out of starting your own affiliate business and they do not set goals.

The other 3 big pitfalls are not knowing where to start, not knowing what product to promote, and not knowing the tried-and-true proven strategy.

This welcome module covers a lot of the psychological parts of this as well as the brilliance and mindset of John Creatani on himself.

Week 1

  • Affiliate Marketing Step By Step 6m 23s
  • Joining an affiliate network 4m 36s
  • Choosing Your Niche 18m 36s
  • Finding Clickbank Offers 11m 27s
  • Finding Offers on Other Affiliate Networks 11m 37s
  • Common Mistakes in Choosing an Offer 11m 32s
  • Solo Ads Setup 12m 42s
  • Udimi Solo Ads, Other Offers 10m 26s
  • Other Solo Ad Providers 7m 32s
  • Bryan Biscoe – Why Leverage Solo Ads 14m 18s
  • Bryan Biscoe – Researching and Selecting a Solo Ad Provider 24m 19s
  • Bryan Biscoe – Tracking and Testing your Solo Ad Campaigns 21m 38s
  • Common Setup Mistakes 22m 6s
  • Tracking, Testing, and Advanced Strategies 17m
  • Affiliate Marketing Basics Recap 6m 23s

Notes on Week One:

In week one John and his team dig right into it. There are about 2 1/2 hours of videos to watch.

Some of the most important steps are covered like choosing your niche and finding offers in the affiliate networks.

Week 2

  • Websites & Funnels Introduction 14m 44s
  • Website, Lander, Presell, Squeeze, Funnel… WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?! 12m 35s
  • Registering Your Website 13m 57s
  • Manual Method 14m 44s
  • Clickfunnels Method 26m 17s
  • Common Presell Page Mistakes 22m 6s
  • Advanced Website Tactics 14m 44s
  • Funnel Hacking Recap 18m 7s

Notes on Week 2:

In this module, you will learn about setting up your website and getting your website running.

You will learn how how to create sales funnels, Squeeze pages, and presell pages.

You’ll also learn some advanced website tactics

There is a lot of stuff covered in this module.

Week 3

  • Search Advertising Welcome Video 4m 18s
  • Google Search Ads Setup 26m 23s
  • Google Display Ads Setup 27m 59s
  • Adwords Conversion Pixel Setup 9m 54s
  • Common Google Ads Mistakes 15m 44s
  • Advanced Search Tactics: Intent 16m 2s
  • Search Marketing Recap 13m 22s

Notes on Week 3:

This is when you start getting involved with launching paid ads.

The team covers a lot about display advertising and Google search advertising. You will learn common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.

Week 4

  • Video Advertising Course Welcome 4m 53s
  • Youtube Channel Setup 3m 12s
  • Youtube Ad Setup 15m 12s
  • Why Exclude Mobile? 8m 42s
  • Common Youtube Mistakes 13m 56s
  • Advanced Video Advertising Tactics: Shooting Your Own Videos 16m 43s
  • Video Marketing Recap 9m 10s

Notes on Week 4:

This module concentrates on YouTube.

You will learn how to set up a YouTube channel, how to set up ads, and tactics for shooting your own videos. John and his team also cover the pitfalls of common YouTube newbie mistakes.

You can’t rush through these modules you have to take your time and really dig in.

It is important that you let all of this information sinking so that you actually know how to do the tasks that you need to get done.

Week 5

  • Social Advertising Course Welcome Video 8m 46s
  • Advanced Facebook Advertising with Robbie Blanchard 28m 21s
  • Tim Burd Introduction 2m 37s
  • Tim, How To Keep Compliant With Facebook 3m 49s
  • Advanced Social Advertising Tactics 20m 29s
  • Social Advertising Recap 28m 53s

Notes on Week 5:

This whole section explores more advertising channels. Social media in this case to be exact.

In this module, you will learn how to run Facebook ads as well as advanced social advertising tactics.

Week 6

  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Introduction 10m 58s
  • Scaling Basics 3m 21s
  • Payout Bumps 4m 28s
  • Events 13m 36s
  • Brian Pfeiffer, How To Breakthrough 14m 58s
  • Ronnie, Speaking To The Reptile Brain 3m 55s
  • Ronnie, How To Hack People’s Trust 2m 12s
  • Ronnie, Highly Profitable Headlines 1m 48s
  • Ronnie, Famous Copywriters 1m 53s
  • Next Level Affiliate Strategies 21m 43s
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing Recap 13m 51s

Notes on Week 6:

Once you become an intermediate affiliate marketer you can start to dig in on advanced techniques.

Super Affiliate System – Bonus Content

There are also many other little bonuses, tools, or additional training included inside the training course.

Below is a quick peek at some of the additional training content.

These modules will definitely prove very valuable especially for new affiliate marketers.Image of the six addtional modules of bonus content in the John Crestani Super Affiliate Program.


So, what are some of the drawbacks of the course?

There are additional Professional Services Needed that you will have to pay for

This would be true no matter how you got involved with affiliate marketing.

One thing that we noticed is that John recommends a lot of his own affiliate products to students and makes a commission off of them.

For example, when you’re building a website you need web hosting, so he provides his links for you to get web posting through his affiliates.

Not that this is a bad thing because that is the name of the game. That’s what this whole affiliate marketing game is all about.

Getting paid for referring quality services and products.

John Crestani a super affiliate.

So we can’t really blame him for referring his own affiliate links

Actually, it makes him pretty smart.

We just want to point it out and let you know that when there are third-party professional services or software needed, you don’t always have to go on his recommendations.

You can pick your own products, or you can look for cheaper products.

Or if you already have some of the services like web hosting you don’t need to change.


Another small detail about the sales training is that John tends to overpromise a little bit.

You will definitely reap rewards from using due diligence and working hard to start an affiliate business using his program.

But it’s not as glorified and wonderful as some of the moments during training make it seem to be.

He has toned it down a bit lately and his YouTube channel is getting really good by shedding the light on some affiliate marketing truths.

The truth is…

It is hard work.

And it takes time to build up traction.

Read our thoughts on the real truth about affiliate marketing.

Lastly, we feel that some of the training modules might be a little too advanced assuming that newer affiliate marketers may not fully know what they’re doing.

But there is a lot of value and a lot to learn in this affiliate marketing course.

There is so much involved with affiliate marketing and there are so many different avenues to go down that it can be hard to become an expert in all of them.

For example, if you’ve never run YouTube ads, you would have to dig in a little longer and a little harder to really learn the ins and outs of how to tweak and make money with them.

But the training itself does give a great foundation for newbies, intermediate marketers, and even seasoned affiliate marketers.

Do we recommend the super affiliate system training course?

Yes, we absolutely do.

We recommend it even more so for beginning affiliate marketers.

We have not only bought this course, but we have bought over time at least 10 digital marketing courses, many of them with price tags of $1000 or more.

Yes, we have gotten a few that were not worth the price. But that’s one of the reasons that we go out and look for all of the different courses that are available, then we buy them and test the products.

If you latch onto a really good educational course, it can be worth way more than paying tuition for college.

Whether it’s a digital product, whether it’s consulting, whether it’s one on one training. It doesn’t matter.

The real reason that we stand behind this product is that it’s constantly getting better and better and it is always being updated.

And you’re getting a real-life mentor.

There is also a community that offers support and help.

Is the Training Realy Free?

Well yes and no.

The webinar training is free.

And John does go over some really valid points within the webinar.

But you don’t get all of the secret sauce just by taking the free training.

But one thing is certain, after the free training you will know that this is for you are not.

Take the Free Training Now

If you decide to move on and purchase the course John does have a 3 payment plan.

3 Huge Points

Here are the last 3 big points that we would like to point out.

1. Make sure that you really want to get involved with a business model like affiliate marketing.

2. If you do want to move on with affiliate marketing take the time and really go to the lessons with tenacity.

There is no rush.

Go through each video several times. If you get stuck on something contact support, search online, go to forums and let it all sink in.

If you do go all in, do not be afraid to spend the money because it will pay you back in dividends.

3. Lastly do not quit. Especially if you invest in the course. And even if it seems like it’s (the material) is a little bit over your head, or some of the modules are difficult to understand……

Do not give up.

You can always get help on the pillars that you’re stuck on. You can always outsource the tasks. Just make sure that you are creative and determined and know that you absolutely do control your destiny.

Again do not give up or quit.

That is the number 1 reason for affiliate failure. They want to make it rich overnight and they are not realistic about the expectations of this business.

They go over the motions and give it a quick try and then give up when they don’t see immediate results.

Affiliate marketing is a real business just like any other business and if you put your work into it you will succeed.

We can almost guarantee you from our own experience.

It will pay off.

Just do not ever give up.

Try the free training

If you are serious about making a commitment, take the free training to see if this product may or may not be right for you.

Take the Free Training Now

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