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Corporate event planning NJ

Corporate Event Planning and Teambuilding Activities in NJ

Simple Creations Team Building LLC is a national company with a base located here in central NJ. Simple Creations Team Building LLC specializes in planning, hosting and facilitating all types of corporate events, not only in NJ but nationally as well as Canada and the Caribbean!!

Teresa and Mary Ann have worked with dozens of local companies by helping them with hosting team building events for them.

Why Hire a Corporate Team Building Service?

Promotes Creativity ◦ Better Communication Builds Trust ◦ Motivates Employees ◦ Breaks down Barriers ◦ Stress Relief ◦ Helps with Problem Solving ◦ Gets the team to Socialize ◦ Provokes a Team Spirit ◦ Collaboration ◦ Reveals Unkown Skills ◦ Promotes Conflict Resolution

Best team building companies in NJ

Because professionals with experience really can really help to make the events and activities extremely productive while you sit back and enjoy the activities with your staff.

They can envision the event and plan activities that are best suited for your company.

They understand how to make your team work better to improve the overall function of your company.

They keep your team engaged and focused during the event, which in turn has proven to carry over into the workplace.

They help your staff to feel truly valued which helps encourage bonds within the hierarchy of your staff.

What Makes Simple Creations Stand out from other Corporate Event Planners?

They offer dozens of team building events and activities right out of the box as well as having the ability to customize events to fit the organization’s needs.

They have many years of experience to make your event just right.

charity team building NJ

The Motto of Fun

Having fun – Having fun should be a top priority during the team building event planning stage right into the execution of the event.

Mindful Play – The Simple Creations team realizes that playfulness leads to amazing creativity. They are experts at using mindful play to keep the activity fresh and to make sure to help everyone to bring the thought of creative productivity back to the workplace.

Stress Relief – The event should be comforting, and the event should be geared at facilitating a stress-free environment. Employees that are less stressed, perform better and are apt to stay with the company for longer healthier periods of time.

Being in a Different Environment

When teams converse and interact in an environment other than their daily environment and normal day-to-day rituals is very healthy and comforting for staff members. Cubicles and desks can become cold. It is important to bond with your team somewhere other than the workplace.

Your Events can Be Hosted in the Most Luxurious Venues in NJ

Simple Creations works together with the top venues across the Garden State to host your event.

Specializing in Charity Give Back Events!

Charity Team Building Events in NJ

Simple Creations Team Building LLC works with many different organizations that take pride in giving back to the community. Many events are held for those in need. Whether for the homeless, needy children, or military Simple Creations Team Building LLC can organize and facilitate any custom charity event nationwide.

Locations Served

Simple Creations Team Building LLC serves the entire United States, Canada, and Caribbean. Some of their most popular cities of recent have been New York City, Philadelphia, Orlando, Washington DC, Charlotte, Boston, and Atlanta!

Here are a few locations on that they serve here on the east coast, New Jersey, New York, and PA.

Simple Creations Team Building LLC just recently partnered with two great charitable organizations in Florida. One Heart Charity which offers support for woman and children in the Orlando area and the Community Vision charity in Kissimmee Fl.

See all locations.

What Kind of Events can I Hold?

The sky is the limit for an amazing team building event, activity or function.

A very popular team building event is a fun Game show,

Game show team building events in NJ

Other very popular events include making sangria and salsa with your group or an amazing charity event where teams get to build their own custom skateboards.

Build your own skateboard team building event in NJ

Remember that Teresa and Mary Ann can create and customize any event and for any amount of people and at any venue!

See all events here.

How Do I contact Teresa and Mary Ann?

The sky is the limit for an amazing team building function. For questions or to get things started, reach out to Teresa and Mary Ann at the following number 609-443-6550.

Or you can take a look at their website at www.simplecreate.com



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